You will not be disappointed.

My favorite part of Erica is that she doesn’t claim to be a wise teacher or sage, but rather she is so familiar with the processes that she teaches that her main focus is making a safe, non-judgmental space for all, a place where powerful learning can occur.

Her work is an invitation back into life, her views are largely non-western and grounded in ancient tribal, eastern philosophy and African medicine. If you attend one of her classes you will likely have doubt, you will probably be shaken out of your comfort zone and not understand why, but I can promise you one thing: if you give Erica even a kernel of your faith, you will not be disappointed.

You may even discover your own brave spirit again. The one that infinitely awaits, smiling, with joy, love, forgiveness and compassion, hoping for a glimpse of your return.

~ Jenna L.