Episode 43: Facing Disappointment and Other Difficult Emotions with Fierce Compassion

by | Dec 8, 2022

In this episode, Erica shares about facing disappointment and feeling difficult emotions. Topics she mentions are: compassion, suffering, love, acceptance, rejection, disappointment, accepting “no”, showing up for ourselves and others through the experience of feelings, helping children feel their feelings, and breaking up with pity. She also mentions the ancestral and cultural traumas of the last 110 years and how these generational wounds led us away from allowing the natural state of emotion to exist. Erica muses about the Dagara (and perhaps many other indigenous peoples) being the past and the future of human exist on Earth.


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May these ancient stories return you to your ancestors, to the land, to the sacred fire, water, and minerals that we are all from. And may this conversation help you to awaken to your true spirit.