Episode 38 – The Treasures of Grief

by | Oct 6, 2022

When the Mountain Speaks, The River Cries is a special segment of this podcast offering a mixture of personal and folk story telling medicine. In this episode, Erica shares about her experiences of sorrow and grief and how when grief flows, peace grows.

Resources Mentioned

Video from Elder Malidoma Somé’s Burkina Faso funeral:

Songs from Elder Malidoma’s Asheville funeral (Youtube playlist):

Work with Elder Theresa Sykes Brittany – http://ancestralevents.com/dr_malidoma_patrice_somé_asheville_dagara_inspired_village 

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May these ancient stories return you to your ancestors, to the land, to the sacred fire, water, and minerals that we are all from. And may this conversation help you to awaken to your true spirit.