2024 Monthly Healing Community Rituals at Kinstone

During these events, we will come together and create a ritual that emerges from the rhythm of all who are gathered. The ritual will come together around the group’s current needs, and the guidance and support of the elemental beings of Fire (the Ancestors), Water, Earth, Nature, and Minerals.

What gets created in group ritual arises out of the participants voices. Together, we will create something NEW based on the relationships each participant carries with them into our circle from their own inner wisdom that may or may not be already known.

This event is highly participatory. You are asked to arrive with an open heart and mind and a willingness to learn from the Elements themselves as well as willingness to support your fellow participants. Alcohol and drug use are not allowed during these events.

​All are welcome.

My awareness and knowledge of ritual and my relationships with the elements have been inspired and encouraged by my elders, Dagara Elder Malidoma Somé, and Elder Theresa Sykes Brittany.

“Ritual is called for because our soul communicates things to us that the body translates as need, or want, or absence. So we enter into ritual in order to respond to the call of the soul.” 

Malidoma Patrice Somé

Ritual: Power, Healing and Community

The dramatic action that we need to create a way of life on Earth that really works will be taken not through personal, social, or political action, but through spiritual action.

Brooke Medicine Eagle

Buffalo Woman Comes Singing

2024 Calendar

Second SATURDAY of each month
3 – 6 P.M., Central Time
This event is donation-based. Kinstone has an entry fee of $10. All donations will be shared with Erica’s Elders and their family members.

May 11 – Dreaming with the Ancestors (FIRE)
June 8 – Grief, Peace, and Reconciliation (WATER)
July 13 – Purpose and Presence (MINERAL)
August 10 – Mother of Us All (EARTH)
September 14 – Re-wildling: All Our Relations (NATURE)
October 12 – Dreaming with the Ancestors (FIRE)

The spiritual thirst that is latent in everybody can never come to a place of fulfillment unless people begin to think of each other as potential brothers and sisters…. One can say, ‘Teach me what you know,’ but the better request is, ‘Teach me about what teaches you.

Malidoma Patrice Somé

Ritual: Power, Healing, and Community